What is a Life Coach?

I need to tell you that I am not a licensed therapist. I am a Life Coach.

What is a Life Coach?

There is a difference. During my healing I outgrew my therapist after a while, I was just done talking about what happened to me and I wanted to move on with my life. But I felt I still needed support and guidance, someone to show me the way forward. That is where having a Life Coach is very beneficial! A Life Coach is more like a trusted friend or mentor who is willing to tell you what you really need to hear in order to move forward on the pathway to healing after betrayal trauma. 

I am a certified Transformational Life Coach specializing in Betrayal Trauma. I can help you to learn new techniques and strategies to help you get unstuck from unhealthy patterns and behaviors. I am able to help you to train your brain to develop new ways of looking at old problems so that you can move past them.

NOTE: If you have not gone through therapy already, I highly recommend that you start there first. 

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