The Growing Pathway

The Pathway to Growing Begins Here…

Betrayal Trauma Mirrors PTSD.

You will have enough evidence by now to believe that you cannot do this alone. Betrayal Trauma shatters your life to the degree that you will need to reinvent yourself from the bottom up. That is a huge task to undertake unless you have help.

That is why I have designed this 2nd Program to be an online semi self-guided program to help you on your journey to overcoming the effects of Betrayal Trauma. In this 2nd Program you will begin your Pathway to Growing into your new life! Thank you for trusting me to help you on this new path in your journey to finding yourself.

I know it is not easy to come up with the funds to get the help you really need when your life is turned upside down. That is why this self-guided program is priced to help you get the help when you need it the most with a price that is affordable. The program and all the bonuses will be yours with unlimited access except for the group sessions.

For Less Than $25 a Class you can begin your growing journey today!

A Package Worth $750

Order Now for $249

See all the content you will recieve immediate access to in this program:

Intro Class: Intro to Growing Past Betrayal Trauma

Class One: Controlling Stress for Growing

Class Two: Stress Relief – Supplements, Essential Oils, and Water

Class Three: Food as Medicine – Repairing the Body from Stress & Leaky Gut

Class Four: How to Build a New Life – Finding Your Purpose

Class Five: Making a Plan for Your Purpose

Class Six: Daily Ritual for Growth and Self Care

Class Seven: Releasing Emotions – Methods You Can Do Yourself

Class Eight: Mediation for Growth and Finding Your Purpose – Connecting with Your Chakras

Class Nine: The Roll of Gratitude – Gratitude Practice

Class Ten: Letting Go – The First Step Towards Forgiveness

Bonus Lesson: Rituals & Tools for Growing

Bonus One: Growing Pathway Workbook

Hands on learning with a workbook designed to go with each lesson. All of these workbooks are immediately downloadable as soon as you sign up for the program.

Bonus Two: YouTube Videos on Growing

You will have access to Private YouTube Videos designed for growing into your new life. These videos contain a variety of tips, skills, mediations and validations.

Bonus Three: Weekly Group Sessions

Join me for live group meetings on Zoom each week for 10 weeks. You will have the chance to ask questions and have unlimited access to the replays.

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Let’s walk the Pathway of Growing Together…

A Package Worth $750

Order Now for $249

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