Pathway to Healing

The Pathway to Healing Starts Here…

Betrayal Trauma Mirrors PTSD.

This is NOT something you can just get over without assistance. Betrayal Trauma does not go away. It takes time, the right kind of help, and a willingness to do the work of recovery.

That is why I have designed this online self guided program, to help you take the first steps on the pathway to healing. Healing takes time and it takes the willingness to start a new way of life.

I know it is not easy to come up with the funds to get the help you really need when your life is turned upside down. This self-guided program is priced to help you get the help when you need it the most with a price that you can afford.

For Less Than $10 a Class you can begin your healing journey today!

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See all the content you will recieve in this program:

Signature Healing Program

Intro Class: Betrayal Trauma – How Do I Heal from This?

Class One: Accepting Where You Are – Trauma and the Grief Process

Class Two: Mindfulness – Letting Go of the Past & Living in the Present

Class Three: Tools for Healing -Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts

Class Four: Self Care & Rituals for Healing

Class Five: Emotional Health and Wellness – An Introduction to Energy Healing

Class Six: Moving On – Where Do I Go From Here

Bonus One: Pathway to Healing Workbook

A 20-page workbook designed to follow your classes, complete with space to capture your thoughts, plan your self care ritual, individualized healing plan, and more…

Bonus Two: Access to Private Meditations on YouTube

Recieve access to Private YouTube link with videos of mediations, EFT, and affirmations designed for the most troublesome issues we face in Betrayal Trauma.

Bonus Three: Access to Private Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is an exclusive support group for women who have enrolled in my programs. This is where you can ask questions, get support from other women who are going through the same issues, and you will have access to me.

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Let’s Walk the Pathway of Healing Together…

Order Now for $60