Learn From My Mistakes

I have written extensively about my journey through betrayal trauma on my first blog, The Cupcake Warrior. That blog is about my struggles during this life altering experience and how hard it was to start over so late in life. I have to admit, it is a rather gut wrenching story. At times, I wrote outloud about all the things I was feeling – anger, dispair, depression, anxiety, and fear. Lots of fear. It’s not pretty, but its real. Most people cannot believe everything I went through. I can’t even believe it sometimes, and I am the one who lived it. Almost everyone who heard my story told me that it is the most horrific story of betray that they have ever heard, includining my own therapist, that I should write a book about it, which I am doing. I am hoping my book will be published soon. It is hard to fathom the depth of character depravity that has to happen for someone to completely betray the one person they are supposed to love the most.

I still cannot wrap my brain around it.

This blog is more about how I turned my life around, discovered healing systems that actually work (and those that don’t), and how I turned the lemons of my life into lemonade. So much of what I experienced I had to do all alone. There was no one to help me. I did not know where to go or who to turn to for help, comfort, or healing. Most people don’t go into marriage thinking that their marriage will fall apart, so when it does, they have no idea what to do! There is nothing in a normal life experience that would begin to prepare anyone for this. Family and friends will turn away from you because they cannot handle the pain either, it’s just too intense for them to manage.

Let’s face it, NOBODY should have to manage it!

I can manage it…now.

After years of hard work and research.

Most women don’t have that kind of time, or drive. When you are in the middle of a betrayal, you will be soooo traumatized that you need serious answers to serious questions. You need answer NOW! This Blog is designed to deliver those answers to you, when you need them the most…while you are in the hailstorm of betrayal trauma.

If I can do one thing that would make me the happiest, it would be to help women learn from my mistakes. If you are reading this, then you are in need of serious advice, today. Life has handed you the sourest of lemons. It can be turned into something that is more than palatable. When life hands you lemons of betrayal, it is possible to make lemonade.

Let me share with you everything I have learned!

If you are willing.

Keep reading…

Published by Deborah L. Dahl

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Energy Healer with certifications in multiple healing modalities.

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